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       Who Can Benefit from our Treatments  






Children 0-12            Adults 13 & UP       Athletes                Animals                               

 Other Conditions we Work on

Acid Reflux, ADD/ADHD, Addiction, Allergies, Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma

Back Pain, Bedwetting, Bell’s Palsy, Blood Pressure Problems

Cancer, Carpal Tunnel, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Infections, Constipation, Crohn’s Disease

Depression, Diabetes, Digestive Problems

Eating Disorders, Erectile Dysfunction

Fibromyalgia, Frigidity, Folliculitis

Headaches, Hip Pain, Hormonal Problems


Impotency, Infertility, Insomnia, Irritable Bowel (IBS)

Knee Pain

Learning Disabilities


Morning Sickness, Multiple Sclerosis, Migraines 

Neck Pain, Night Terrors

Obesity/Overweight, Organ Malfunction

Pain Management Therapy 

Panic Attacks, Parkinson’s Disease, Phobias, PTSD


Sciatica, Sinus Problems, Skin Problems

Tennis Elbow, Tinnitus, Thyroid Problems


Weight Loss 

Causes of Imbalances

Trapped Emotions – the most common cause of imbalance in the body/mind

Emotions trapped in our bodies from negative past events are made of energy. Since our bodies are also made of energy, trapped emotions can exert a profound influence on both our behavior and on our physical tissues. These Trapped Emotions are vibrating at a different rate than our bodies’ tissues are vibrating. Over time, if not released, these conflicting vibrations cause imbalances that, in turn, can cause emotional upset, mental turmoil, pain, and other symptoms that we classify as disease.

Other possible causes of imbalance in the body include:

  • injuries

  • poor diet

  • stress

  • insufficient sleep

  • disconnections

  • misalignments

  • pollution

  • toxic chemicals

  • pathogens


Beneath these other causes of imbalance, Trapped Emotions, which have already compromised the body/mind, most often will be found.  The Body Code corrects imbalances, no matter what caused them.

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