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Success Stories 

Give it a try! Best thing I ever did for myself. I started seeing Whitney for my chronic hip pain and the results were immediate. I have better mobility, and decreased pain and stiffness. I am so amazed with the results I am now having Whitney treat my skin issues. Seeing her once a week helps. I buy a package at the beginning of the month and work with her as often as I can. -Maggie, San Jose, CA


Whitney cleared a financial block that went back 10 generations! Afterward I had a voicemail from a client who wanted to schedule an appointment. Talk about fast-

acting! -Phyllis, Cupertino, CA


I was amazed at the things she has detected. She knew about the issues with my left lung even though we were working on my energy levels and I hadn’t mentioned my lung issues. This stuff is real! J. - Saratoga CA


My sister booked Whitney for the whole family. There are 5 of us and we each got three sessions. I wasn’t 100% convinced it would do anything. How would “clearing” my emotions help me feel better? We all gave it a shot and low and behold we all had relief of our symptoms.  Some things aren’t as improved as others, but the more I chip away at them the better I feel. It’s like peeling an onion, you have to go through the layers. It’s indescribable what she does. I told her what I wanted to work on (loving relationships and back pain), and she even knew about symptoms and problems I didn’t mention. I didn’t feel dramatic results after the first visit. I kinda of forgot about it actually, but then I was getting along with someone I usually bicker with and I realized it was the emotion code. Why else was I suddenly more patient towards this person? I’m so glad I gave this unconventional process a chance. -Lola, Santa Clara, CA


I wasn’t sure about natural healing, actually I was sure it was made up, but desperation made me give it a try. My flare ups get so bad I can’t always get to a doctor, but Whitney can work on me remotely. I’ve seen so many doctors for my condition, but few knew what to do. I felt so hopeless, but now I have fewer flare-ups. And she can treat me right away when I am in pain. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. Denver, South Bay Area I’ve seen chiropractors and accupuncturists and done tons of physical therapy. Let’s just say I’m used to treatments that are uncomfortable. So I was really surprised at this natural healing thing. It is such a gentle way to heal. Whitney’s healing touch is remarkable. She is also really caring and good to talk to. She listens and gives lots of good tips like doing the mirror work which I do twice a day now along with saying certain affirmations. I felt silly at first but I’d rather feel silly than have a splitting headache and now I don’t feel silly at all - I’m letting my body know that I am taking care of it. I’m so lucky I found her. - Rachael, Marshfield, WI

I've had the pleasure of working with Connie in person and Whitney distantly with my health issues and found them to be a great tandem team when working with them on my weight loss! -Jamie B, Campbell, CA

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